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Kings of Strings – Firset step, NEW CD OUT NOW!


On the 23rd of December, Vlatko recorded the music for the film “kad svane dan” with the film orchestra in Skopje. Damir Imeri wrote the arrangement for the Final scene of the film, and Oleg Kondratenko conducted with the orchestra!


On the 18th of March, Vlatko appeared as a special guest at Tommy Emmanuel’s concert in Budapest, Hungary. They also spent some time talking at the backstage!


Vlatko recieved a new DV mark amp from Italy. He will collaborate with the company, and will promote the new amplifier brand!


VSTrio took part at the Turbo Rock Festival in Skopje on the 11th of March 2011. During the performance the actor Miki Manojlovic, and the film director Stole Popov came on stage to greet the audience and the band!


Vlatko made the music for the theatre performance Matica by Goran Petrovic, directed by Rahim Burhan in the Atelje 212 in Belgrade.


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