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Vlatko had a spectacular concert in Maribor Slovenia in a great company of Theodosii Spassov, Marko Ramljak, Vasil Hadzimanov, Goran Bojcevski, beside his VSTrio.


In the summer issue of YACHT magazine Croatia, Vlatko’s interview is featured on 6 color pages! View The Article


Daryl Jones, the great bass player meets Vlatko after his concert at the Jazz Lent Stage in Maribor.


Vlatko appeard as a specuel guest at the Rosenberg Trio concert in Sofija Live Club. He spent some time with the great gipsy jazz musicians.


Vlatko got the award for best music at the Joakimfest in Kragujevac, Serbia for his music that he composed for the theater performance ‘Matica’ by Goran Petrovic, directed by Rahim Burhan at the Atelje 212 in Belgrade.


On the 25th of April Vlatko played in Krushevo with the famous actor Rade Srebedzija at the opening. Of the memorial house of Tose Proeski, the great Macedonian pop singer.


Great reviews for Vlatko’s solo performance at the Omis Guitar Fest 2012.


Big success on the concert tour of The Kings of strings. They finished with a soldout concert in Upsala, Sweden!


Kings of Strings – Firset step, NEW CD OUT NOW!


On the 23rd of December, Vlatko recorded the music for the film “kad svane dan” with the film orchestra in Skopje. Damir Imeri wrote the arrangement for the Final scene of the film, and Oleg Kondratenko conducted with the orchestra!


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